ashley jagmohan

⫷ keeper of the ℇarth | bridge to 𝒮pirit ⫸
channeled readings | tea ceremony | jewelry

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  • Harmony of Self: Reiki + Tea Ceremony

    02.24 11:00AM-5:00PM
    @ Groveland, FL (private residence)

    A transformative day intended to help you find balance, embrace closure, and set a harmonious tone for the new year.



  • Roz Y

    Spot on with information given me...very detailed..left session knowing exactly what was needed of and for one not knowing who I was could have been so detailed... I cried with relief...tears of joy and no longer feeling stuck and puzzled...

    Much gratefulness and gratitude

  • Rev. Judi Weaver

    This is a beautiful and powerful ceremony that allows you to tap in, to see, feel and experience a deeper essence of self within to be with your Soul! Highly recommended!!!

  • Dana McGuire

    Ashley was very professional and a joy to deal with. My reading was spot on for several items dealing with my life plans and experiences. I will definitely be contacting Ashley again for another reading!

  • Ebony Hunter

    Ashley truly has a gift and a pure and genuine soul. You can tell that she simply wants to help others through her gift with every encounter. I’ve done several tea ceremonies with Ashley over the last 2 or 3 years and have always left feeling enlightened and at peace. I just recently received a channeling from her and it was truly amazing to hear what she received. Book a service with her you will not be disappointed.