About the Artist and Brand

Prthvee Ka (Prih- th- vē - Kā), formerly known as Crystal and Canvas, is a Florida based creative company established in April 2018 by yours truly, Ashley Jagmohan. 

“Prthvee Ka,” translating to “of the earth” in Hindi, is inspired by the deepening of my connections to the earth, myself, and my ancestry. It represents the grounded earth magic I hold as a Capricorn stellium and the natural earth made materials I create with.

My work is based in the traditional Ayurvedic practices of my ancestors, along with knowledge from my own research and personal experiences. This shop is a place for me to share my love and universal life force energy both from myself and what’s stored in natural stones and metals-through my creations to heal, protect and strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. Every piece is intentionally weaved with love and care.

My aspirations are to both add beauty and heal others with what I am able to create from the heart, in alignment with the metaphysical powers of the materials I work with.

The preceding generations of my lineage made many sacrifices so there would be more opportunity. I’m so grateful to follow my passion and live a life that focuses on learning, healing, and art. I am grateful for all of the people I have connected with, opportunities I’ve had, and those that are still to come through sharing my heART work. I am infinitely grateful to be able to create with my own hands, and for it to not only bring me happiness, but to bring happiness to others as well.

Much Love, ♡ Ashley