my journey

hello, i’m ashley.

thank you for being here.
i’m a tea ceremonialist, akashic channel, jewelry designer, mystic, writer, learner, wanderer, space holder, and alchemist. i deeply resonate with the role of an “artist” and see each action as a medium to create the art of my life. a guiding intention of my life is to inspire and be inspired. i aspire to make the mundane magical, to find Truth in every direction, and to be of service through living a heart centered life.

The name Prthvee Ka (Prih- th- vē - Kā) is Hindi meaning “of the Earth,” and is inspired by my intimate connections to the planet, ancestry, and Self. It encompasses my grounded embodiment, the ancient medicine I serve, and the natural materials I create with. Whether you decide to receive a reading, to sit in ceremony, or choose a physical talisman to assist you in your journey, I offer my hands and heart in unconditional love towards your transformation, empowerment, and union within self.

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What led me here? I’ve experienced a plethora of trauma throughout my life including sexual assault, physical and emotional abuse, drug issues, and child loss. I was depressed, dissociated, and numb. Fortunately, I woke up from this empty existence at the age of 21. In 2017, I chose to quit my corporate job and the pursuit of a bachelors degree to go on a cross country road trip. That decision ultimately changed the course of my life. With years of patience and through many practices, I’ve learned to love myself, listen to my intuition, and follow the path of dharma. 

Since 2018, I’ve devoted myself to intimate, intentional, and inspired living. I’ve read and listened to well over 50 books about mysticism, spiritual and physical wellness, and personal development. I’ve reclaimed the wisdom of my Hindu lineage. I have participated in several retreats, courses, and containers in various approaches to the art of healing and spiritual evolution. I continue to work with teachers and other healers, receiving consistent attunements and energy work. I’ve spent months living nomadically in the US, traveled to energy vortexes, shared ceremony space with the Quechua people in Peru, and spent 2 weeks recalibrating my root in my ancestral motherland, Guyana. As a Sagittarius Venus in the 10th House, seeking knowledge and adventure is an integral part of my life. My Grandma has always told me to “never stop learning until your eyes close” and I plan to continue to do just that.