my journey

Prthvee Ka (Prih- th- vē - Kā), translates to "of the earth" in Hindi. It is inspired by my intimate connections to the earth, my Indian ancestry, and myself. It represents the natural earth made materials I create with and the grounded earth magic I personally hold.

As Prthvee Ka is an extension of myself, from the very beginning it has always been important to me to personally imbue every part of this business with my own energy. The logo, business card, and website you are currently on were all created by yours truly. I hand write a note and send blessings with each and every order that’s packaged. You will notice my poetry and notes to self that come through in meditation as captions on social media. This is because my personal experience greatly influences what I create.

Formerly known as "Crystal and Canvas," I started this creative company in 2018, selling my handmade wire wraps and paintings. Linearly, I went through an awakening and fell in love with healing practices, personal development, and spiritual growth. I've spent the last several years unlearning the patterns and conditioning from society, gaining understanding and clarity from my own trauma, and creating an intimate connection with myself.

I deeply resonate with the role as an Artist. When asked "what or who is the love of your life?" what first comes to mind is art. I spent my childhood beading bracelets, drawing, and writing songs. Through the lowest points of my life, art has always been my solace. It still is to this day. I see art as a way of life. It can be found everywhere, in everything. I am the artist and this life is my canvas. Every action is a medium to create the art of my life with.

On a formal level I am a certified reiki practitioner. But if you have found your way here, I hope it is because you can feel me through my creations, words, and this virtual realm. This is now a space that holds all of me. And I offer my hand to hold space for you, whether that be through the physical item you've chose to assist you through life or my energetic transmissions.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for receiving me. Thank you for being you. I love you.

♡ Ashley