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African Turquoise

African Turquoise is an evolutionary stone – it is said to help bring about necessary change in your life and open you up to what the future will hold. It helps to balance past and future on the journey of coming in tune with your true self.

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Amazonite is an excellent filter of geopathic stress and electromagnetc pollution. Connecting the throat and heart, it can be used as an aid to speak your heart's truth. It is a soothing stone, calming the brain and dissipating blockages in the nervous system. Balancing masculine and feminine energies, amazonite helps one see both sides of a problem or different points of view.

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Amber is one of the oldest and widely used magical substances for human adornment, dating back to 8000 B.C.E. This fossil is associated with cycles, longevity, and the Akasha. It is a powerful cleanser of the body, mind, spirit, and physical environment. Amber draws dense energy, pain, and disease from the body, renewing the nervous system and balancing the right and left parts of the brain and helping to alleviate stress. Amber can be used to amplify the wearers magnetism to their desires of luck, love, beauty, and money. It stimulates the intellect and promotes self-confidence, creative expression, wisdom, balance, and patience.

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Ammonite is a fossil which holds the wisdom of the ancients. It is said to have been named after the spiral horn of the Egyptian god Amon. It converts negative energy into a harmonious flowing spiral. It is a powerful karmic cleanser. Ammonite represents coming full circle. It activates personal empowerment, encodes the life path, and stimulates life force energy.

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Angelite is a stone of awareness. As its name suggests, Angelite facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm. It is great for healers, improving telepathic communication, deepening attunement, and further opening one’s psychic channel. Angelite brings greater understanding of astrology and mathematics. It transmutes pain and disorder into wholeness, allowing one to drop into compassion and acceptance of what can’t be changed. 

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Aquamarine has long been associated with the element water and the sea.  It enhances psychic powers when worn, quieting the conscious mind so we are able to listen to our intuitive impulses with clarity. Aquamarine brings increased sensitivity and sharpened clairvoyance, invoking high states of consciousness. It brings closure on all levels, clearing blocked communication, promoting self expression, and courage to break old self defeating loops. 

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Aragonite is a reliable earth healer and grounding stone. It encourages building a deeper relationship with Mother Earth, promoting conservation, recycling, and sustainable habits. It transforms geopathic stress and is an ally for doing grid work - sending healing light into the planet. Aragonite is an aid to people who push themselves too hard as it combats oversensitivity, teaches patience, acceptance, and delegation. It stabilizing and helps one feel comfortable and well in their own body. 

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Azurite is named after its deep blue color. It raises consciousness, psychic ability, and urges the soul toward enlightenment. This stone brings multidimensional cellular reprogramming. It contains a high copper content making it a great conductor and amplifier of energy flow. Excellent for the mind and mental processes, Azurite challenges your view of reality, releasing programmed belief systems so you can move into the unknown without fear. It draws out debris of the past, cleanses it, and gently brings things back to balance. 

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Black Obsidian

Black Tourmaline

Blue Kyanite

blue kyanite stones have a strong vibration that assist in opening the psychic channels and activating the conscious mind centers. this stone helps in the downloading of information from higher sources or planes. blue kyanite will aid one in expanded consciousness, merging our astral bodies with our physical bodies, allowing us to tap into our higher guidance, intuition and highest purpose.

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Blue Lace Agate

Green Aventurine

Green Calcite

Hematoid Quartz

Herkimer Diamond

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, the Stone of Wisdom, ignites the mind and calls to the soul, inviting you into deep self knowledge. It is known for revealing deep inner truths, inviting you into authenticity and showing you the magic of your own will. Linked to the third eye and throat chakra, it reveals truth and assists in speaking one’s truth. It encourages self-awareness and self-expression, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality. Working with the third eye, Lapis increases intuition, psychic ability, and past life recall. It stimulates clarity, creativity, and confidence. Lapis Lazuli was used for royalty in Ancient Egypt and all over the world to access sacred knowledge.

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Lemurian Quartz


Ruby Fuschite


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