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human design reading

human design is a logical system that explains your energetic blueprint and how you best operate defined by your time and place of birth. channeled by Ra Uru Hu, human design combines astrology, the i ching, kabbalah, hindu chakra system, and quantum physics.

in our call you will receive an in depth interpretation of your personal chart, including your aura type, strategy, authority, profile line, defined centers, incarnation cross, and more.

divinatory card pull & akashic channeling

tarot and oracle cards are a form of divination used for insight, perspective, clarity, and inspiration. tuning into your energy, we will pull 2-3 cards from whichever deck I am drawn to at the time of our call. you will receive an interpretation of this spread based on the imagery and my intuitive insight, along with the given message associated with the cards.

the akasha is an energetic world of knowledge that holds all thoughts, actions, feelings, words, events, and experiences across time and space. by entering the akasha through a trance state and calling upon our spirit guides, I will voice the channelled message as it comes through to provide support and wisdom from the divine.

unique custom jewelry

at the end of our call we will discuss the metals and styles of jewelry that resonate with you. in the studio, i will handcraft a piece of crystal jewelry to energetically compliment you and support you in your process. reiki charged to amplify it's energy and shipped with love and care.