March 25th - 26th

Groveland, FL

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With the depths of winter behind us, as the flowers begin to bloom...
we too EMERGE.

Emerge; e·merge /əˈmərj/ verb

  • to RISE into view
  • become known, come to light
  • become apparent, important, or prominent

Whether you are birthing a new project, a new version of yourself, or a new version of reality, this retreat is meant to support you in your energetic embodiment of aligning with all that you are calling in.

I invite you into my home sanctuary space for 24 hours of ceremony, creation, and connection. 

Let's blossom together <3


afternoon arrival with light bites
opening ceremony
free flow paint workshop
cacao ceremony
akashic journey
embodiment practices
spaciousness for connection & opportunity for each person to lead/share their magic


tea ceremony
flower/gem essence workshop
earth altar cocreation
closing ceremony

*schedule & activities subject to change*


Sliding Scale

- ceremonies + workshops
- 3 plant based meals + snacks
- overnight accommodations; with option to sleep indoors or under the stars


welcome to my lake front home sanctuary space in groveland, fl. we have lovingly filled the home with ethical, preloved, and handmade furniture/decor. to live in reciprocity with mother earth, we have opted for more ecoconscious choices; such as our home garden, composting, recylcing, etc.

in your free time, there are plenty of spaces to meditate/journal both in and outdoors. immerse yourself in the elements.

* there is a cat who lives in and protects the home. his name is flume, he is sweet & mostly keeps to himself

guided by ashley jagmohan

Ashley is an artist, tea ceremonialist, intuitive channel, and certified reiki practitioner. For the past 5 years, she has devoted herself to intimate, intentional, and inspired living. She has incorporated an Earth based and ceremonial way of life. Ashley has led women's circles, retreats, and private ceremonies. She has participated in several courses, workshops, and online containers in the healing arts. Her most recent studies include a 12 week "Remembering" journey where she has been mining the Akashic Records to discover her wisdom from past lives. A few weeks before our retreat she will be jourmeying to Peru to sit with the medicine of it's indigenous peoples.