Ceremonial Tea

Close your eyes and take a breath.
Imagine you are walking in an ancient biodiverse forest in the East - China, Japan, Taiwan, etc. You are surrounded by every shade of green from the lush plants and trees. The warm Sun’s rays shine down through the tree tops to kiss your skin. A cloud rolls in and a trickle of rain begins to dance on the forest floor. The rich, nutrient dense soil squishes under your feet with each step. Little critters are buzzing and moving about their home. The forest is alive, you can see it breathing around you, humming with life.

Before you, you find a majestical tree that’s hundreds of years old. Thick roots spread in every direction and deep into the Earth. It towers far into the sky, as if the leaves were touching Heaven. This tree has experienced all sorts of weather, hundreds of the Earth’s cycles and seasons, cosmic shifts, and all the energies from the life in the surrounding forest. It is a keeper of the Earth, a wise elder, and respected as such.

This is a Camelia Sinensi tree. A Tea Tree.

When we sit for tea, we are welcoming hundreds of years of Earth’s wisdom into our vessels. We are inviting the harmony that was in that forest into ourselves. Tea is the Great Connector. It connects us with nature, our Self, Spirit, and others. It brings us into harmony with all of life. 

In Chinese Medicine, tea holds many physical benefits. It is classified as an adaptogen- helping decrease the symptoms of stress, fatigue, and exhaustion. Along with balancing the nervous system, it increases energy and improves focus. Antioxidant, mineral, and anti inflammatory rich, tea delivers increased levels of oxygen, which enhances circulation and blood flow. It aids in digestion and cleanses toxins from the body. 

On a spiritual level, tea heightens our perception and sensitivity. It attunes us to the subtle layers of energy swirling in and around us. It elevates our awareness, clarity, and channels of receptivity to downloads. Simultaneously, it is a grounding force, allowing us to deeply connect with our breath, body, and senses. Holding a high frequency energy, Tea invites us into our heart and to embody our highest selves.

take a moment to slow down, get quiet, and feel the pull from your heart.

“Tea goes beyond words, which is why we sit in silence. She speaks through sensations.”
- Christina Echevarria, my tea-cher.

Holding space for tea ceremony will typically take around 60-75 minutes. We will drop in with deep breathing and a short guided meditation. It is a silent ceremony, meaning there will be no talking. However, gentle music and nature sounds will accompany us as we sip along our journey. The tea is hot and we will drink many bowls while seated on the ground. Once the ceremony has completed, we will bow in reverence to the tea and to one another. Then, the space will be open to share our insights and experience.

Tea brings us into a deeply meditative state. Feelings of presence, gratitude, and an overall greater sense of well being are commonly experienced. You may experience a sense of knowing your innate connection to nature, seeing the beauty of all that is.
Many feel high levels of joy and love, inspiration, creativity, the invitation to fully express, and elevated states of consciousness. You may sweat, laugh, cry, take nourishing seated stretches, or find sweetness in the stillness and simplicity of drinking tea. All is welcome and encouraged.