take a moment to slow down, tune in, and feel the pull from your heart.

cha dao, "the way of tea," is an ancient practice of drinking many bowls of old growth camellia sinensi leaves to bring vitality to the body, open the heart and mind, and align with spirit.

tea is known as the "great connector." it connects us to nature, ourselves, & the infinite universe.

as an intuitive & adaptogenic plant, tea meets you where you are and brings you what you need. cleansing tears, sweat, deep presence, clarity, grounding, downloads, activations, connecting on a meaningful level... all is welcome and honored.

the leaf is an embodiment of ancient earth wisdom. it brings you to a deeply meditative state which allows you to surrender to the mystery and listen. the only thing you need to do is drink tea.

"You can expect to feel welcomed, relaxed, comfortable, and in a deep meditative state. I get so much from each ceremony; messages from the universe, my guides, and even my higher self.
It’s truly an experience like no other and something I always look forward to doing. If I’m ever feeling lost and join Ashley for Tea, I always find my footing again afterwards. It’s truly powerful and I honestly could not recommend it enough."
- Victoria A.

Ceremonies are 90 minutes long and held outdoors around Orlando or indoors in Groveland, FL.  

We will share tea together in silence and space will be held for reflection.

You are welcome to bring a journal to record anything that may come through during the meditation. 

The caffeine content for a full ceremony is comparative to a standard cup of coffee, however, it’s natural polyphenols have a calming  effect along with increasing energy levels and focus.

Tea does not have psychoactive properties.

Benches or chairs are an option for those with physical limitations. If needed, please let me know in advance.