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2024 Moon Calendar

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The influence of the moon and the planets can be seen all around us. The ebb & flow of the tides, the sweetness of a Friday night, & collective energy. I created this poster to serve as an aid on your journey of working with the moon cycle, elements, and planetary associations of each day. Embodying this knowledge gives more insight around the energies at play, bringing increased guidance around setting intentions, taking action, and creating space for yourself.

The Phases of the Moon key offers a guide to align activities with the changing phases of the moon to harness its energy for various purposes, such as setting intentions, manifesting goals, or engaging in rituals.

New and Full Moons are labeled with the astrological sign the moon is in with an Astrological Sign key that outlines each sign’s archetypal energy. This adds another layer of influence to the energy of the moon cycle.

Attune to the energy of each day with the Daily Correspondences chart, which includes the planet, energy, crystal, and herb associated with each day of the week.

In its fifth edition, this year I’ve added the elemental wheel design, adding another layer of reference for elemental associations with directions, seasons, signs, and planets.

Intended to serve as an adornment and referential tool in your ritual space.


Printed on 11” x 17” poster stock

shipped rolled in a box

created based on PST

*this item does not include the frame*