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turquoise has been used since ancient times by cultures all over the world as a stone that connects heaven and earth, and connects us to the spiritual world. it simultaneously strengthens our intuition, purifies our energy, and is grounding and protective. resonating with and between the heart and throat chakras, turquoise aids in anchoring truth and love into the vessel. it is said to help heal or eradicate fear. as a stone for communication and expression, it enables one to speak more confidently, creatively, and fluently.

royston turquoise purchased during my travels last year from an indigenous owned & operated shop in az

copper is an excellent conductor, amplifying gem properties and the ability to direct energy for intention. as an essential mineral for the body, it has been used to help the physical and emotional body since ancient times.

the copper is left natural for its properties. upon request, this piece can be sealed with a clear coating to prevent it from oxidizing, meaning it will stay shiny and won’t turn your skin green.

necklace length is 18”.

made with love, charged with reiki energy, and shipped with a blend of herbs and cleansing stone.