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azurite + tanzanite pen

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azurite is named after its deep blue color. it raises consciousness, psychic ability, and urges the soul toward enlightenment. this stone brings multidimensional cellular reprogramming. it contains a high copper content making it a great conductor and amplifier of energy flow. excellent for the mind and mental processes, azurite challenges your view of reality, releasing programmed belief systems so you can move into the unknown without fear. it draws out debris of the past, cleanses it, and gently brings things back to balance. 

tanzanite aids in translating emotions into words and speaking your truth from the heart. it increases compassion and elevates your consciousness, bringing awakened expression. it integrates the energies of the mind and heart.

1mm black ink ballpoint pen

*includes additional ink refill

retractable, twist to write

lightweight, slim design, 6.4” long

lead free silver soldered with genuine ethically sourced crystals