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Celestine Prophecy

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Bookmark featuring African Turquoise, Moonstone, and Shungite 

African Turquoise is an evolutionary stone – it is said to help bring about necessary change in your life and open you up to what the future will hold. It helps to balance past and future on the journey of coming in tune with your true self.

Moonstone brings a sense of emotional stability and balance. It strengthens feminine energies, bringing clairvoyance and understanding.

Shungite is a rare an ancient crystal which comes from Karelia, Russia. It is a powerful protector and transformer of EMF frequencies. It has strong healing qualities, restoring vitality in the human body. It detoxifies the body, mind, and spirit. It corrects any imbalances in your body’s energy to create overall balance. Shungite relieves stress, anxiety, headaches, backaches, normalizes sleep, and boosts overall energy level. It brings balance to the root chakra to aid you in feeling grounded and protected.