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lion’s gate

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Citrine instills a sense of happiness and creativity within you. This stone will take any sort of negativity you may endure--negative thoughts or negative experiences--and transform them into something more positive. Citrine will inspire optimism. It aids in manifesting abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

when working with gemstones, i invite you to trust what you are drawn to and tune into your own energy system. is this crystal resonating? where do you feel it in your body and how does it make you feel? 

this piece was wire wrapped by hand with tarnish resistant bronze coated copper wire and nickel and lead free findings. 

copper is an excellent conductor, amplifying gem properties and the ability to direct energy for intention. as an essential mineral for the body, it has been used for healing the physical and emotional body since ancient times.

made with love, charged with reiki energy, and shipped with a blend of herbs and cleansing stone.