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fig leaf + selenite

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figs will show you that you can look at what you have and what’s going on with new eyes. every single day gives us the chance of a fresh beginning. working with fig calls in new life experiences and clarity shines upon new opportunities. it offers protection as you journey forward. fig vibrates with the energies of knowledge, love, protection, and fertility.

selenite is a high vibrational stone that cleanses the aura of negative energy and brings clarity of the mind. it is a calming stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. clearing and cleansing.

copper is an excellent conductor, amplifying gem properties and the ability to direct energy for intention. as an essential mineral for the body, it has been used to help the physical and emotional body since ancient times.

created with a foraged fig leaf plated with copper through electroforming.

made with love, charged with reiki energy, and shipped with a blend of herbs and cleansing stone. 

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