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intuitively created custom jewelry

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the akasha is the ether. a world of knowledge. a world that holds the keys to all that is, was, and will be. it is the mystery, the record keeper, the dance of life itself.

Akasha is the Sanskrit word meaning "aether" in both its elemental and metaphysical senses.

A Message From The Guides:
“If you have found your way here and feel the invitation we encourage you to take the step forward. You are deeply held on your journey here on Earth. We are sending you signs and synchronicities to lead you forward on your path. We ask you to set the logical mind aside and step into the mystery. Are you ready to meet YOU? To walk through this life embodying the highest expression of who you can be? Your soul has led you here. Do you trust it? Is this message in itself what you needed to receive? We invite you to turn to your inner knowing, your inner wisdom, and trust the call to where you are led from here.”


how did that transmission land in your body? did it spark a remembrance? did it point you to a thought or decision that has been tip-toeing through your mind? did it invite you to take my hand for us to journey into the mystery together?


if you choose to walk with me, my intention is that your unique creation serves as a beacon of light, reminder of who you are, and invitation for you to be in union with your highest self.

we will meet on zoom to create the energetic connection. I will go into a meditative trance and call on your higher self and spirit guides/soul team to meet me. the live session will be around 60 minutes. in this state, the guides offer me a vision of the finished jewelry. the language of light is expressed through my hands as i weave and sculpt the piece.


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