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intuitively created custom jewelry

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if you choose to walk with me, my intention is that your unique creation serves as a beacon of light, reminder of who you are, and invitation for you to be in union with your highest self.

we will meet on zoom to create the energetic connection. I will go into a meditative space and call on your higher self and spirit guides/soul team to meet me. our live call will be around 60 minutes, 10-15 minute meditation to drop in + 30-45 minutes of channeling. our session will be recorded so you may review. at the end of our call we will discuss if there are any metal sensitivities or preferences. in ceremony, the language of light is expressed through my hands as i weave and sculpt your one of a kind piece made just for you.  

ready to receive? please select a date & time below to schedule your channeling session.

a little shy, don’t have the space, or do you want to gift a intuitively created custom to a loved one? select the “no contact option” & I’ll send you an email with a couple short questions and do the rest!

by selecting the no contact option, along with the custom jewelry you will receive a channeled poem based on a card reading. 

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