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macrame plant hanger - 7 chakra stones

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Macrame plant holder is made with 100% cotton macrame cord, gold ring, and 7 gold wire wrapped crystals to to represent the chakra system. 

Crown - Amethyst 
Third Eye - Blue Apatite
Throat - Amazonite
Heart - Green Aventurine
Solar Plexus - Citrine (heat treated)
Sacral - Aragonite
Root - Red Jasper

Fits a variety of flowerpot shapes and sizes. Pot shown in picture is 10".

from the top of the ring to the bottom knot with no pot: 33"
with crystals: 45"
tassel below: 28"- the tassel can be shortened based on preference 

Your pot will shorten the length of the hanger by a few inches, depending on the size of the pot. An 8" wide pot will shorten the hanger by about 5".