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mirror necklace

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For centuries, mirrors have been used as magical tools for protection, divination, self reflection and to amplify energy.

When worn, a mirror can be used for protection and defense, deflecting any negative, dense, or unwanted energy that you come into contact with. Being reflective, it also mirrors back the beauty and love you come into contact with. For self reflection, mirrors help us clearly see ourselves and can be a tool to program ourselves to see our own inner beauty and embodying our intentions. In ritual and ceremony, mirrors can be positioned to amplify energy and intention.  

Made to order handmade necklace. It will be shipped within 5-7 days of ordering. Created with a glass mirror and 100% pure copper. Due to the organic process of copper electroforming, it is natural for there to be slight variations in each piece.

Copper is an excellent conductor, amplifying the ability to direct energy for intention. As an essential mineral for the body, it has been used to help the physical and emotional body since ancient times.

Consciously created with love, charged with reiki energy, and shipped with a blend of herbs and cleansing stone. 

The copper is left natural for its properties. Upon request, this piece can be sealed with a clear coating to prevent it from oxidizing, meaning it will stay shiny and won’t turn your skin green.

Please select your necklace length preference below. 

Necklace Length - nickel free, copper